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Refer a Patient

Thank you for trusting my team and I with the care of your patient! This page is for physicians and nurse practitioners who would like to refer a patient. 

Referral Requirements

Please ensure that your patient meets all the following requirements.

  1. Patient has a primary care provider who will be MRP (Most Responsible Provider/Physician) for non-palliative care needs unless otherwise stated.

  2. Patient lives in the catchment area described below (see map).

  3. Patient has a valid OHIP card. 

  4. All physicians agree to stop billing G512 code once patient is accepted by Dr. Bahl.

If you are patient meets all of the above criteria, there are a few ways in which a referral can be made. 

  • If you are a physician at the William Osler Health System (WOHS), the easiest way is to go to eReferral and select "Palliative Care - Outpatient". In the notes section, put "Attention: For Dr. Bahl".

    • You can also specify here if the patient would benefit from a home visit if their mobility is limited. 

  • If you are a non-WOHS physician, please complete the following form and fax the referral to 905-494-6758. Write "Attention: Dr. Bahl". Please include the following in your referral. 

    • List of medications. 

    • List of Allergies. 

    • List of other medical conditions. E.g. Smoker, HTN, DM2 etc. 

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